A common issue with picketed gates and fences is gravity. The whole pull of the earth has its influence on pickets and fence boards, leading them to sag or just tilt a certain way. If not addressed properly, this sagging can lead to bigger issues. So here’s a run down of how to fix the tilted picket or missing board in a gated fence.

1. Prop the Gate with Tools
Wooden fences are more prone to this obvious effect of gravity that necessitates Cedar Fence Repair in Denton Tx. But if you are stuck with a tilted gate, you can use suitable tools to prop it up nice and tight. Sometimes it can be a hinge that needs tightening.

2. Use a Concrete Solution
Dug into the earth, pickets can sag due to soil erosion. But there are ways to prevent that. You can dig around pickets and level the gate. Thereafter, fill the bigger hole with concrete solution and wait for it to solidify.

3. Install a Turnbuckle
If you are struggling with a missing board that leads to a sagging picket, then installing a turnbuckle can help you. At the point of tilt, just fix a turnbuckle at a proper level and tighten it to straighten the tilt.

4. Repair the Support Poles
Sometimes, it’s not the picket but the support poles elsewhere that just add to the tilting in the gates. This issue can be fixed by propping the support poles and replacing the old or damaged ones.

5. Getting Expert Help
If DIY is not your thing, then get a Denton Fence Company to fix your issues for you. Call them today and avail their world-class services.

Denton Roofing Pro specializes in fence and gate repair services. They have a team of highly-skilled professionals that install any kind of gate and repair them quickly for your peace of mind.

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